Truck Rental

Truck Rentals for Office Furniture

Our truck rentals can be useful in moving large, bulky items, like office furniture! It would be much easier to move everything in one drive compared to taking several trips to move large items.

Truck Rentals for Furniture

Wendell and his co-worker were driving down Dillingham Blvd. when they say our 14’ box truck parked out front. The truck says “Rent this truck!” on the side, and that definitely caught their eyes! Wendell gave us a call immediately and asked if the truck was available. Fortunately, it was! He turned around, stopped by, and rented the truck from us. They were actually on their way to get a truck rental from another moving company when they saw our truck. It was great timing for them, and for us! They used the truck to move some office furniture and were done within a few hours. They commented that our truck was a cleaner, smoother ride compared to the truck they rented the week before. We are so happy they saw us and could get a truck rental in time for what they needed. We look forward to seeing you two again! 


We also offer other services on property, like the Dilly Print Shop and Dillingham Self Storage.