Truck Rental

U-haul rentals now Dilly rentals

We no longer rent out U-haul trucks but instead have our own set of rental vehicles for use! A few weeks ago we received a funny call from a customer, asking about our Dilly Rentals. He called to let us know that the logo on our vans say “Dilly rentals” when instead they should be saying “Daily rentals.” We started laughing because we intentionally named them Dilly Rentals on purpose! We explained to him that it actually wasn’t a misprint but that Dilly is short for Dillingham!  We thought it was really nice of a customer to call us and let us know, though. After our conversation we continued with reserving a van for him for the following week. We love receiving calls like this, even though we find it funny that he thought “Dilly” was a mistake!

Our Dilly rentals have been getting really popular lately, given that they’re cheaper than our old U-haul and they’re our own line of rentals! We’re so excited about them and love helping people book reservations because we know that moving vehicles can be really helpful in transporting large items like furniture and moving boxes and such.