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Van Rental Reviews

We love our van rental customers. We especially love it when they leave reviews on Yelp or Google! These reviews help support our business in more ways than we can list. Many small businesses, such as ours, have had a stressful time during the pandemic, and we appreciate any support from our customers. Google and Yelp reviews attract new customers to our doors, something that we can never get enough of! 

Yelp and Google Reviews

This past week, we received two five star reviews for our van rentals and storage units. Julia left us a five star review on our storage yelp page and Kimberly left us a five star review on our Dilly Van Rentals yelp page. Please leave us a review if you love our van rental services! We look forward to reading your comments. Our team works so hard to provide high quality services and we enjoy reading positive customer reviews. These reviews also signal to potential customers that we are a reputable business, and encouraging customers to try our services. We also encourage you to leave reviews for other small businesses who are struggling during this pandemic to keep the doors open!


We also offer other services on property, like storage units and printing services.