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Van Rentals on Dillingham Boulevard

The Dilly Van Rentals have been incredibly busy this summer season. We have seen such high demand for customers picking up large items from places like Costco, Lowes’ and Sam’s club. We are close in proximity to these stores and are typically a convenient choice for customers taking home large items from these places. Most of the time, we get calls from people who just recently made these purchases and they are still in Costco! Given our proximity, it’s easy for people to drop off the large item at home, then come back to return the van and pick up their personal vehicle, all in one day. We love our nearby Costco customers!

Van Rentals for Summer Moving

The summer is also the prime time for those moving into new homes. We know moving can be a stressful process, but having a large van rental can make it more efficient. One large van can prevent you from making multiple trips with a smaller vehicle, for example. It reduces the time spent on moving items. Our van rentals vary in size depending on your needs and how many items you are moving.

van rentals

We also offer other services on property, like storage units and print services.