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Van Rentals’ Requirements

Our van rentals are in excellent condition for a good reason. We take good care of them, both mechanically and hygienically. We also require valid driver’s licenses, auto insurance documents and a credit or debit card when you come in to pick up the vehicle. All documents must be current and valid. For example, if your insurance card shows expired dates, we will not accept it. Although insurance policy numbers remain consistent when policies are renewed, we still ask for your insurance to be current and valid. We are no longer accepting temporary driver’s licenses. We do this to protect both ourselves, the driver, and any potential passengers. Although we remind people to have these valid documents before they come in, we need to emphasize that your documents must be current. Expired or temporary driver’s licenses are not valid for our van rentals. We do not make exceptions to this rule. If your driver’s license is expired, you will not be able to rent one of our vehicles. We encourage individuals to have a valid driver’s license on them at all times, regardless of renting one of our vehicles.


We also offer other services on property, like storage units and print services.